anthony black

BIM / Technical Manager

Anthony brings an impressive 19 years of industry experience in all things technical to the team. Working on a wide spectrum of projects from across the practice he takes design concepts and expertly integrates the technical detailing; exploring concepts in 3D he aids the team to mitigate risks and spot issues and potential alternatives early in the design work stages.

Anthony loves the variety of client projects at ONE Environments, which allows him to explore new technical advancements and find accurate, precise solutions that extend boundaries and generate exciting outcomes for clients. His passion for new technologies promotes a culture of R&D, strengthening our team’s knowledge for continuous improvement and presenting huge benefits for those working with us. He encourages our team ethos, where everyone’s individual skills are valued and all are able to bring new ideas to the table.

In between following the latest trends in technology and digital innovation, Anthony enjoys spending time with his young family and working out at the gym.