kevin smith

landscape technologist

Kev is a petrol head, paintballing pro and our resident techie.

He joined us in 2018 as a Landscape Technologist with a wealth of experience gained from over 20 years in the industry.

A self-starter, Kev began his career on a YTS (Youth Training Scheme) and is now an experienced team member developing the technical stage of design and using GIS (Geographical Information System) mapping to gather baseline data to analyse and inform LVIA/TVIA (Landscape/Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment).

Involved in the technical delivery for a wide variety of projects, Kev enjoys coming up with ideas that carefully consider clients’ needs and translating them into precise solutions. It is second nature to him to see something and effortlessly know how to bring it to life as a design resolution. A creative problem solver, Kev finds his greater technical understanding adds value to any project team.

Kev thoroughly enjoys working for ONE Environments, appreciating the friendly, open plan workspace in which everyone works and plays hard. The concept of ‘team’ is strong here and the close-knit group try to go out at least once a month.

Staying ahead of what’s new in the technical world, Kev enjoys all things computing outside of work too. In his spare time, he is also mad about cars, a skilled paintballer and a dab hand with a squash racket.