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One Environments were responsible for the design of a £1.5m public realm improvement scheme to Ashington’s main shopping street. Our completed scheme design rationalises the streetscape, removing the clutter of barriers and bollards etc., and uses a modern range of furniture to create a street with a series of connected spaces for meeting, sitting beside the planted areas, shopping and market activity.

The high street needed to remain operational throughout the sixth month programme therefore we carried out careful planning to carry out the works in phases to ensure that through traffic, on-street parking and the weekly market were accommodated. Shop frontages were required to remain clear and unobstructed throughout the construction period to ensure businesses could continue to operate. The once pedestrianised street has been re-opened to traffic and includes 30 short stay parking bays to boost local and passing trade.

To reduce traffic speeds and create a pedestrian friendly street visual cues where used to create a less managed space. For example, through the use of planting and surface materials we made the road look narrower than it actually is to reduce vehicle speeds and make it safer for pedestrians to cross. Continuity was created with the recent develops in the north east quarter by adopting the same palette of materials.

Higher quality walking and cycle routes are direct and attractive using the new palette of materials used to highlight areas within Station Road and connections to the Leisure Centre and residential areas.



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client: northumberland county council
contract value: 1.5 million
engineer: northumberland county council