adrian clarke

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Adrian is proud to be a generalist, believing that the different insights and perspectives this engenders helps facilitate creativity and fresh thinking, bringing the many disparate aspects of our built and natural environments under a holistic umbrella. Studying in Australia, Adrian gained an early appreciation for the importance of weather and climate on the design of external environments including water sensitive urban design (SuDS) and biodiversity leaving him with a desire to make work which is sensitive to situation and context.

With 16 years’ experience working on a diverse portfolio of projects including landscape planning, assessment of large-scale infrastructure and renewable energy projects, Adrian joined us in 2022 from a multidisciplinary environmental and engineering consultancy where he headed up the landscape architecture team.

Having spent the first part of his working life as an educator in Japan, Adrian has retained a passion for learning leading him to devote a considerable amount of time and energy volunteering for the Landscape Institute at a national and regional level. Outside of work he enjoys walking and cycling along the highways and byways of County Durham and Northumberland.