james brewer

Director & Co-founder

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James enjoys creating places for people, designing buildable concepts that excite and inspire through the derived benefits for those using it. The level of detail in his work delights clients with design concepts far from literal, but instead with innovation embedded throughout the story from start to finish. Bringing with him extensive industry experience across a diverse portfolio of design projects, including international commissions in China, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Malaysia; James’ focus is on the end user and he has an eye for the finer details that make all the difference in distinctive place making.

Over a 25-year career he has garnered an impressive 20 awards, reflecting the role of innovation in the service of creative and distinctive placemaking encapsulated by James’ designs. His passion for learning encompasses improving the prospects of others too: extra-curricular activities include judging the Landscape Institute’s annual awards. Travelling for pleasure as well as business has seen James undertake journeys to all corners of the globe and these experiences, alongside his passion for photography, are a rich source of inspiration for his design work.