yusha zhou

Assistant Landscape Designer

Yusha is our 3D visualiser, curator of cool and animator extraordinaire!

An Assistant Landscape Designer who joined us in August 2019, Yusha brings with her cutting-edge experience of the latest animation techniques. With a particular interest in graphic communication, she understands exactly how to bring a concept and design to life through striking imagery, rendered plans and the latest in videography.

With an MA in Landscape Studies from Sheffield University and a BA in Environment Design completed overseas; Yusha is passionate about landscape design with an expert eye able to exemplify how a space will work through accurate illustrations.

Adding value right from initial ideas to full design concept stage, Yusha shows a deep understanding of how landscape design should meet the varied needs and aspirations of the community. Yusha’s experience is in urban public design and commercial street design, concentrating particularly on the commercial aspect of public areas. Her interpretation of how and why concepts work is always driven by a desire to optimise the relationship between a space and the people who use it.

Lover of all things creative and design oriented, Yusha is energised and motivated to see and do things differently. Taking every opportunity to grow and learn about applying her skills in new sectors and innovative designs; Yusha enjoys the inventive possibilities of education and garden projects, particularly when her creativity enables others to realise their own imaginative potential.

Yusha’s love of animation and design stretches into her personal interests too. Outside of work, she enjoys the art of illustration, creating detailed drawings, sketches and illustrations both by hand and digitally (using Procreate for iPad). Being able to incorporate this passion professionally signifies the start of a very exciting career.